Case Study : HairPlus

Hairplus came to us in 2013 wanting a plan for growth. Owner, Yem Braid was doing well with running lots of tactical campaigns but not all of them were generating the results she expected and her plan lacked a cohesive approach.

On our MaxBasics programme, Yem got to review the foundations of her marketing strategy – which was targeting a market that was too narrow and already nearing saturation point. We also discovered new groups of potential customers who appeared to be underserved in the market and looking for a solution like hers.

This new strategy and other insights pointed Yem towards a new way of approaching customers and through our ongoing coaching programme, Yem learned how to reflect this change in her operations as well in her communications, eventually leaving her physical premises to focus her efforts in a more personalised door-to-door service supported online.

Hairplus’ journey will continue in 2015 with a refreshed website and new communications that will enable Yem to achieve her business’ potential.

Here’s what Yem said about the programme:

“Thank you so much Louise for all the work you and Max Marketing have done on the strategy and plan for Hairplus. You have gone totally beyond my expectation and best of all I feel ready and more comfortable in taking the business forward in a more organised fashion. Thank you!”

Yem Braid
Business Owner


Hairplus client interview

1. What did you hope to get from working with Max Marketing when you started out?

Initially I thought all I needed was some help to plan my marketing strategy for the 12 months, as I often didn’t have time to plan and was reacting to current situations.

2. What has been the biggest contribution working with MaxMarketing has made to your business?

Max Marketing got to know my business, my customers and my goal. They were therefore able to help me create a strategy for my business in the short, medium and long-term. This also allowed me to get to know my business better and have a clearer direction of what I want the business to look like and where I want to be.

3. How has having  marketing support helped your business generally?

Trying to do everything by myself meant I wasn’t getting anywhere or saving money. Getting someone else to look at the Marketing area of the business allowed me to concentrate on other areas. Also had a peace of mind that an important task I had been planning to achieve was finally getting done.

4. What have you learned from working the Max Marketing that has been useful in your journey to date?

Working with Max Marketing has shown me that even as a small business, having a strategy and plan in place is important. Max Marketing has helped me to clearly define what my business is, who my customers are and most important is why I am doing what I do. This sounds simple but when you are deeply involved in something, it can be difficult to focus outside that area.

5. What do you think the principles and recommendations made by Max Marketing will do for your business in the future?

The principles and recommendations made has helped to increase sales, changed the way I provide my services to clients and already will see me making a saving of $20,000p.a in just one area of the business.

6. Who do you think would benefit from working with Max Marketing?

Any business or individual who is serious about growing and see their business succeed would benefit from working with Max Marketing. I’ve worked with large corporates and believe they would have benefited from working with Max Marketing. They continuously think about their customers and follow through. I’ve seen other marketing companies produce a plan without showing the organisation how to implement.

7. What would you say to someone thinking of undertaking a marketing programme and how they could get the best out of working with Max Marketing?

My advice is to make that initial phone call and talk to Max Marketing who will provide them with an honest and professional service. It doesn’t matter what size their business is or how long they’ve been in business, It’s not too late to let Max Marketing help them take their business from “Good” to “Great”

8. Overall, can you sum-up your experience working with Max Marketing?

Max Marketing provided me with a professional service that was beyond my expectation. They delivered what they promised and even more. They truly understood the meaning of Customer Service and I am confident that I will continue to use and recommend the services of Max Marketing.