Anne Casey

Are you an NZ business owner, struggling with marketing to Chinese people living in NZ, or are you a Chinese kiwi who wants to know how to engage with the NZ market more effectively?

Anne has almost 25 years of experience in strategic marketing, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, buying and new business development both locally and internationally. What sets Anne apart is her vast experience across multiple industries and ability to think strategically while being practical. She has worked for iconic NZ companies such as Farmers Trading Co. and Pumpkin Patch as well as her own online business. This has given her first hand experience on how to apply learnings and systems perfected by large companies into smaller businesses.

Anne’s special interest is in helping providing a marketing bridge between Kiwi and Chinese businesses and customers.  Her knowledge and expertise helps people to understand the nuances between the cultures that are important to get right, and to present your business effectively to ensure you have success communicating & engaging with your audience.

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