Marketing for a Franchise

Franchise marketing has a unique set of rules – get them wrong and you’ve not only damaged your Master brand, but you’ve probably got a franchisee who wants to sell and a franchise that’s under performing.

Many Master Franchisors are great setting the guidelines for their marketing and offer collateral materials by the box load for the franchise owner to use as required. They will even provide a support person to give advice on how to use them. Unfortunately though, the new franchisee is more likely to have a background in the industry they bought into than in marketing and their efforts at localising the communications, product or pricing strategy of the product or service could be wildly off the mark.

The result? The franchisee complains that the Master doesn’t understand the unique local market, that their efforts aren’t working and neither party understands what isn’t working and why. Fingers get pointed at lots of places that aren’t necessarily to blame and what should be a strong marketing strategy delivers a weak, failed result.



Local Franchise Marketing requires a specific approach.

We bring a team of people who know how to translate Master Franchise thinking into local engagement strategies. We can assist with local strategy development through to assisting a stretched local team with the implementation as and when they need it. Working closely with and under guidance of the Master Franchise we have processes to deliver a fully optimised brand experience, tailored to a local market – upholding the brand image and delivering prospects that believe in the company’s values at a local level.

Max Franchise Assist

After working initially with the Master Franchise on setting rules and understanding brand vision and structure, we integrate with a local Max team on the ground in the Franchisee local area to deliver a customised plan that engages local prospects and maximises use of budget in the right areas to deliver results.

Our plan for Franchises includes:
– Local Engagement Planning
– Acquisition campaigns
– Retention campaigns
– Re-activation of lapsed customers
– Using databases effectively and building new databases
– Developing loyalty and referrals

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Customer Communications

We can manage the direct communications cycle with your customers.

A customer often needs around 6 contacts with a brand before they are ready to purchase. We can plan, map and then manage your contact strategy with your customers to deliver relevant communications that generate results.

We’ll work with you to profile your existing profitable customers and tell you how and where you can find new ones, and we can also help you with getting a higher value or share of wallet from your existing customer base too.

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Project Implementation

The key thing holding back most brilliant marketing ideas is someone to put them into action.

With minimal briefing, our marketers can drive a project to a deadline and budget as per your request, out of your office location.

Project management on pre-agreed timeline and project fee, we will provide programme updates as to how the project is tracking and the critical success factors and obstacles to outcome achievement.
We can help at any point of the project, so call today if you need us!

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