How to create a Small Business Marketing Plan

If you are a small business owner or manager, then you know it takes passion and belief to start a business, but that to stay in business you need fast results. Everything has to work, right away – and your marketing is critical to staying alive and growing. There are different challenges at each stage of the business lifecycle, from start up when you just need to get your product known out there, through to new competition, or a declining customer base, and knowing the right tactics to employ and which levers to pull that will drive results can be the hardest question when you are knee-deep in operational or financial matters. Creating a small business marketing plan is easier than you think and can turn your hopes and dreams into a reality. 

Stay ahead of the statistics – get expert marketing help you can afford to help you grow from TODAY.

Only half of all start ups survive their first two years of business, and a further 30% of the remainder fail to reach the 10 year mark. Starting a business is easy – staying in business is harder, but those who do survive are the ones who know how to commercialise their product or service – locating that niche of people for whom their business is the perfect solution.  Marketing experts will not only tell you where they are, but what you need to communicate to get them to trade with you.

How can a marketing consultant help my business?

All our marketing specialists are experts in getting results – and our programmes are designed to get to the heart of your problem quickly, and help you devise some actual tactics and activity that will put your business on a schedule set for success. You may want to:

– find more customers

– sell some additional product

– know which of your products and services are best to invest in

– make some noise about your business in the market

Many of our clients start off not knowing what a marketing plan is or does.  A marketing plan is simply an evaluation of the potential customers your product or service will suit and a map to get them to your door. It is optimised to ensure you are spending the least amount of dollars to get the maximum amount of business trading. You will need to regularly review and update the plan as the business changes in maturity – finding new markets to talk to or meeting new customer needs with new enhancements.

If you are wanting to hire a marketer for a short period, you can find and select your marketer from our sister company, NZ Marketers. 

Read about how getting a marketing plan delivered Ashcroft Homes amazing results




MaxBasics for SME’s

from $2550

This programme delivers the essentials for Small Business owners wanting to get on track for success with their marketing – understanding how to shout about your business in the right way, at the right time, to the right people.

For those companies who need a wider focus, we can add this Basics module in a plan builder that includes other things such as acquisition or brand essentials. Save your money down track – get the basics right with this must-have programme for start-ups and SMEs.Programme Includes:

  • Review of what makes your business different
  • What success looks like for you
  • Overview of your product and communications
  • Who your ideal customers should be
  • Development of initial marketing plan
  • Setting 30, 60 & 90 day actions
  • Cost up to 3 tactical initiatives to drive your business
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Small Business Marketing Plans

We’ve pulled together into one plan all the essentials to get a Small Business up and running with their marketing quickly and easily. The MaxBasics programme is devised to ensure that the marketing foundations for your business are solid, enabling you to focus on managing sales and opportunities.

You probably have vast in-depth knowledge about your product or service, but don’t know how to make a marketing plan or how to write a strategy. All our strategists follow our strict marketing plan process that ensures every MaxBasics plan covers all the essentials. These include:

  • Understanding the business objectives and why you are in business
  • Determining how your business sits in the market against competitors in terms of the offer
  • What it is that your product or service offers to a customer that is unique, or of value to them
  • Understanding the kinds of people who are more likely to purchase from you than others, and why
  • Development of communications that will entice and engage those people into a relationship with you

This programme has been uniquely designed for SMEs to cover the fundamentals and output a Marketing plan that is founded on business strategy and small business marketing strategy. It is easy to follow and will provide a small business owner with a roadmap to follow for the first few years in business to maximise the potential from marketing the business.


To get started, take our Marketing Checkup now to see how your current marketing processes could be improved to get better results.


There’s help for SMEs with the cost of a Marketing Plan!

To receive a Capability Development Voucher, a business must be registered on the Regional Partner Network website. This website has been especially developed for the programme.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise recognise that the success of many entrepreneurs is dependant on business and marketing plans, but that the costs of having a consultant put a small business marketing plan together can be out of reach of many SME owners or operators. In order to help SMEs with this initial cost, they have developed a programme that subsidises the cost of marketing training for SMEs, up to $5000 per annum.

Max Marketing programmes have been identified as meeting the criteria for the scheme and now Max Marketing are able to accept vouchers from NZTE as part payment for the MaxBasics Small Business Marketing Plan and other programmes.

To find out more about NZTE subsidies and funding, please contact us.     Enquire Now

Check out these other marketing programmes for SMEs:



from $2250

Branding is such a misunderstood science. A brand is not a logo, it’s what your customers and market think you represent. If you don’t have your Brand in the right place, MaxBrand Essentials is…well, essential. This programme will help you to understand what role a brand plays in representing the products and services you offer and how it can engage and capture the attention of your ideal customers, especially through word of mouth.

In this programme we act much like a Chiropractor, straightening out the core proposition of your brand, aligning values and creating an activation campaign that is built on tangible features and benefits that customers can understand.Programme Includes:

  • Brand touch points review
  • Insight and feedback on your brand positioning
  • Value Proposition alignment
  • Brand Moments of Truth analysis
  • Brand DNA development
  • Brand Activation plan

*Typical cost $2250 – $6500 inc GST, NB this does not include any creative refresh of the existing brand, please allow additional $10k for this process and creative output (undertaken by partners or your preferred design agency).

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2015 Action Plan

from $2250

Are you ready with your marketing plan for 2015? This intense one-day programme will ensure that you are ready to take 2015 by storm with a marketing plan crafted to your immediate business’ needs. This full day workshop will start with a deep dive into your 2014 results and review what worked and what didn’t – and most importantly, why.

We’ll then review your goals and aspirations for your business around the number of customers you would like to reach, engage, activate and reinstate.We will identify and select our core strategies for driving results and the afternoon sessions are spent wholly on the tactics that will deliver your results during the year.We will allocate with you resources (people and money) to action the plan and leave you with a template to work to that contains the whole plan wrapped in a week-by-week task list of activities that will drive your results.If you decide, we can also put you onto our 12mth coaching plan and meet with you monthly to ensure you are on track with achieving the plan, collecting results as you go through and generally being accountable to the outcomes we set in session one.This is a highly intense one-day workshop that will give you the map and the tools to guide your business through 2015 and confidently reach your goals. Its perfect for businesses who are short on time, but committed to making progress and having a plan to show them the way.Plan includes:

  • Review of 2014 plan and outcomes
  • Situational analysis
  • Tactical results and strategy review
  • Insight review
  • Goal setting for 2015
  • Marketing plan development
  • tactical plan development
  • budget development
  • tracking template development
  • Milestone setting and accountability

Places on this programme are strictly limited
Get in touch to book your workshop today.

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from $1500

Franchisors empower and trust their Franchisees with local area marketing, by giving them tools and a national brand to leverage. Unfortunately though for many franchises this can be a tricky task to implement both from lack of understanding about the intricacies of marketing planning and from a lack of time and resources to do this well.

Fortunately help is at hand!After working initially with the master franchise on setting rules and understanding brand vision and structure, we integrate with a local Max Team on the ground in the Franchisee local area to deliver a customised plan that engages local prospects and maximises use of budget in the right areas to deliver results.Our plan for Franchises includes:

  • Local Engagement Planning
  • Acquisition campaigns
  • retention campaigns
  • re-activation of lapsed customers
  • using databases effectively and building new databases
  • developing loyalty and referrals

NB – this programme often qualifies for Business Capability Funding through the NZTE’s Accelerate Success programme, bringing down the total price from $3000 to $1500 for Franchises. Often this cost can be deducted from the Franchisees annualised marketing commitment too. Click here for more details

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