What is a brand?

A brand isn’t a logo or an image or an identity.  It is a feeling that people have about your products or services. So hard to quantify, it makes branding hard to understand and as visual people we often use the look of a company to mean the ‘brand’, yet a brand is as complicated a concept as what makes up an individual.

Hence we can split up the elements that make up a brand by reviewing the Brand DNA.

The development of a strong brand comes from understanding its intention and then communicating outwardly what that means – what idea and values will stand this company apart from others?  What is the intention and purpose for the business that provides it with the competitive edge?   We work with companies to clarify and articulate a positioning, creating a staging area for success and demonstrating where the company is different, stronger, better.

Activating a brand goes much deeper than simply providing some collateral that tells the world what you would like to be – the fastest path to establishing a new brand essence is to ensure that all operational and functional parts of the business are in alignment with it.  If you take a position as ‘The Company that Cares’ then you MUST demonstrate this during your pre and post customer experience processes – or you leave the company open for irony and ridicule.

When we develop your Brand Strategy with you we are looking to establish trust in your brand for the values that you tell us are underpinning your organisation.  Our BrandEssentials programme scrapes away the surface of your identity and looks underneath to ensure that the foundations of your brand are strong – and that there are proof points your staff and customers can go to that say ‘yes, we do this’.   This makes communicating your brand out to people faster and easier.

You may say ‘a brand is not important’ but for those companies who believe they don’t have or need a brand, you should understand that in the hearts and minds of your customers you already have one – the question is does it look the way you imagine it does and should?  If not – it’s time to act.

Advice from a customer

“We had never been through the proper brand process and so wanted to do this and have a clear direction for the company, determine what our USP and positioning was in the market in order to be able to drive the company forward.  We now have a clear identity and brand positioning, a professional brand, great website that is fully optimised for search engines, lots of relevant collateral, and a clear strategy for moving forward. 

Ideas and recommendation were not just limited to marketing, there was a clear passion for our business and interest in seeing it succeed. Would highly recommend to anyone.”  

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