Improving your Marketing Capability

Sometimes you need more than to simply outsource your marketing, you need to understand and develop the skills so that you can do it yourself in the future.

This could be via structured training programmes and courses, but these often tell you the principles of what to do, but not necessarily how to apply them to the intricacies of your own business and this can be the tricky part.

Or you might have a more junior marketing team with potential, but want to get them into real life learning that directly contributes to the growth of your business, with a mentor who truly gets marketing.

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Max Marketing can help in a number of ways:

Strategic sounding board

$1500 – $2900
We can help you or your team review and test plans and strategies objectively, assisting with the possible options for your business and providing a fresh view-point on the possible directions and working over a period of time as mentors to the company and providing feedback to you on the skills development of your staff.

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HealthCheck Coaching

$1500 – $4900
The MaxHealthcheck programme can include a training session with your team to teach them the metrics to look for in the business regarding marketing, help to set up frameworks for assessment and provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure these skills are firmly embedded.

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Marketing team trainer

$1500 – $4900
We can design specific training programmes around your team’s marketing needs and ensure immediate and sustainable knowledge transfer for upskilling or a specific focus area.

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Coach & assist your team

$1500 – $5200
For assistance with your current marketing team we can do skills audit, help with recruitment of new marketing personnel, or training with your marketing team to ensure they have the help they need to undertake their roles.

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