One-Day Action Plan

Get a marketing plan that will help your business grow. This intense one-day programme will ensure that you are ready to take the new year by storm with a marketing plan crafted to your immediate business’ needs.

This full day workshop will start with a deep dive into your current year’s results and review what worked and what didn’t – and most importantly, why. We’ll then review your goals and aspirations for your business around the number of customers you would like to reach, engage, activate and reinstate.

We will identify and select our core strategies for driving results and the afternoon sessions are spent wholly on the tactics that will deliver your results during the year.

We will allocate you with resources (people and money) to action the plan and leave you with a template to work to that contains the whole plan wrapped in a week-by-week task list of activities that will drive your results.

If you decide, we can also put you onto our 12mth coaching plan and meet with you monthly to ensure you are on track with achieving the plan, collecting results as you go through and generally being accountable to the outcomes we set in session one.

This is a highly intense one-day workshop that will give you the map and the tools to guide your business through the up-coming year and confidently reach your goals. It’s perfect for businesses who are short on time, but committed to making progress and having a plan to show them the way.

Plan includes:

  • Review of current plan and outcomes
  • Situational analysis
  • Tactical results and strategy review
  • Insight review
  • Goal setting for new year
  • Marketing plan development
  • Tactical plan development
  • Budget development
  • Tracking template development
  • Milestone setting and accountability


Places on this programme are strictly limited
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