Help yourself to Marketing for only $650(+GST)

Would you like to check your own marketing and form the basis of a plan?  With some pointers and the right planning guides, you can work your way through a our templates to build your own marketing plan to take your business to success in 2019.

Purchase our Step-by-step guide to completing your own marketing plan (complete with video training) and be ready to action your own plan in 2019.

In this plan you will learn how to:

– review all parts of your marketing and know what to look for in your audit
– set goals that are linked to your business plan
– build a marketing plan that addresses your weak areas
– choose appropriate channels and tactics to improve your marketing
– set your budget for bringing in new customers
– track and check the performance of your campaigns

DIY Audit Only $199+GST

Alternatively, request our DIY Audit only and have an expert analyse your plan and make recommendations for your business.

In this programme you can analyse and review what’s working in your business, and then request for a senior marketer to review your responses with you in a 1hr video session to make recommendations as to what you need to focus on to enable your goals.

Simply fill in the form below to get started with the initial questionnaire and customised report.

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