To make it easy for customers we have priced plans to give you a fixed idea of how much your marketing will cost.

If you are an NZ owned and operated business with less than 50 employees, you may also qualify for funding support for any of these programmes outlined below, through the Government’s Capability Scheme that could co-fund up to 50% of the cost of a Max Marketing programme (up to a maximum of $5000).   To find out if your business may qualify visit our Funding Page

COVID-19 Assistance Grants: RBPN has recently offered fully funding programme grants for to assist businesses with getting through the COVID-19 Crisis.


MaxCOVID Engage


In this programme we can support you on finding the right communications strategy and tactics that will enable your company to continue to build and grow an engaged customer base during the crisis that you can utilise once restrictions have been lifted.

We will work with you in 2hr planning session blocks, and then help you to build a tactical comms plan to see you through the crisis and emerging quickly once the business restrictions are eased. During this process we will help you to understand:

  • How to build your contacts during a crisis for future communications
  • How to keep your brand top of mind without turning customers off
  • Channels of communication – what’s best to use at each point in the crisis
  • The role of social media comms for your business as an internal and external tool
  • How to prepare your engagement and offers for timely and optimal presentation

The cost of sessions is $150/hr excluding GST.

This series is aimed at business owners and leaders who are unsure of how to communicate with their customers during the COVID-19 crisis and need help and guidance to protect and grow their customer lists across many channels.

Time investment: initial (up to) 2hr video session with marketing specialist to frame the business and current situation, followed by investigation and recommendations by marketer to be discussed and evaluated in second 2hr session. Then ongoing video sessions as required.

Outcomes: At the end of this programme business owners will have a clear plan of how to keep current customers engaged during the crisis and to emerge quickly with tactical initiatives that will restore the original trading relationship.

*This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 (participating regions only)

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MaxCOVID Reputation Management


Communicating with customers and staff during a crisis can drastically impact upon your company’s brand reputation. These sessions will help you to steer your company through the crisis without damaging your goodwill.

This series is suitable for business leaders or owners who are unsure about how to communicate with customers about the changes that are taking place in their business as a direct result of COVID-19.

  • Steering your communications messaging through the crisis
  • Protecting your internal brand for the long term
  • Building brand trust with customers and prospects
  • Choosing your communications levers and tools
  • What to say and when to say it
  • Building a plan for mid to long term

Costs are charged on an hourly rate of $150/hr (discounted)

*This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 (participating regions only)

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MaxCOVID Market Planning


We have created a market planning programme to help other businesses to identify how they can pivot their business and utilise positive relationships with their customers & supply chains to remain relevant and sustainable beyond the crisis.

For many businesses, the COVID-19 crisis may have had significant impact on how customers trade with them currently and post crisis. For many of our clients this has meant reviewing aspects of the value proposition (offer) they have to their customers and looking at new ways to deliver their service or product to customers through and beyond the crisis. This programme includes:

    • Evaluate what needs to change about your business
    • Generate your market innovation ideas
    • Utilise available insight to drive decisioning for future planning
    • Segment your customers & create your offers
    • Structure your brand & comms channels & assets
    • Build a Go-To-Market plan to rebuild your business
        *This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 (participating regions only)
        • Programme delivered via Zoom sessions with business leaders
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from $3250

This programme delivers the essentials. Even performing companies can miss some key steps around identifying target audience correctly, which can lead to a promotional campaign being off-target at a later date.

For those companies who need a wider focus, we can add this Basics module in a plan builder that includes other things such as acquisition or brand essentials. Save your money down the track – get the basics right with this must-have programme for start-ups and SMEs.Programme Includes:

    • Review of what makes your business different
    • What success looks like for you
    • Overview of your product and communications
    • Who your ideal customers should be
    • Development of initial marketing plan
    • Setting 30, 60 & 90 day actions
    • Cost up to 3 tactical initiatives to drive your business
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from $4750

Branding is such a misunderstood science. A brand is not a logo, it’s what your customers and market think you represent. If you don’t have your Brand in the right place, MaxBrand Essentials is…well, essential.

In this programme we act much like a Chiropractor, straightening out the core proposition of your brand, aligning values and creating an activation campaign that is built on tangible features and benefits that customers can understand.Programme Includes:

  • Brand touch points review
  • Insight and feedback on your brand positioning
  • Value Proposition alignment
  • Brand Moments of Truth analysis
  • Brand DNA development
  • Brand Activation plan

*Typical cost $2750 – $6500 inc GST, NB this does not include any creative refresh of the existing brand, please allow additional $10k for this process and creative output (undertaken by partners or your preferred design agency).

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from $9950

In this Go To Market process we will teach you to identify where your product or service fits into the market – identifying where it is currently underserved or ripe for disruption and show you how to plan your communications to address the right audience for your product at the right time in the right way.

Through a workshop and one on one coaching we will help you to close up gaps in your offer and show you how to frame your proposition engage your prospects and convert them into customers. Then we will show you how to communicate this offer to the big wide world, making the best use of your scarce resources – time and money. This programme includes:

  • A workshop to identify how you believe your product will fit into the market
  • Showing you how to select your ideal target customers
  • Learn how to identify and select the correct levers and touch-points that will engage your audience
  • Understand how your features and benefits go to build your brand story
  • Learn how to select the right media channels that will drive your business goals
  • Work with you to establish a tactical launch plan to that will meet your goals
  • Meet with you at 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure you are implementing your strategy and coach you on effective marketing decisioning that will achieve your goals.
      *Typical cost $6950 – $15,500 inc GST, depending on size and scale of initial research and journey planning. NB if an external market evaluation of non-customers is required, database purchase costs are not included in this price.
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from $6750*

You may already know what is ailing your business, or you just want to do something to inject some life into your promotional efforts.

In this programme, we will work with you find a solution that could drive results fast.
Based on SMART goals, we will put in place an activity with the lowest investment to output the highest return. This could be a sales management programme, adjusting your pricing, or a PR activity that gets you out there and noticed.Programme Includes:

  • Qualification of your key objective
  • Exploration of possible tactical initiative with strongest ROI based on your business objectives
  • Development of one initiative to achieve goal
  • Implementation & execution of activity
  • Tracking and assessment of effectiveness
  • On going plan of attack to sustain activity

*Excludes GST. Programmes tailored to your needs and budget

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from $9500*

If you are committed to really shaking things up for your business, this programme will give you the stable foundations upon which to build a new direction and growth.

A bespoke insight-led programme, we look for the nuggets of gold that could drive your business higher and faster.
This could be a repositioning or rebrand to re-engage customers & prospects, or planning for new product development or finding ways of bringing down your price and driving up your volume and beat your competitors to the door.Not for the faint hearted – this journey will be fast and with foot flat to the pedal to get some good results to drive your business.Programme Includes:

  • Mystery shopping your business and your suppliers
  • In-depth interviews with key clients
  • Competitor product & service review
  • Interviews with staff & innovation development
  • Identifying the levers that are being used in your business to generate results

*excludes GST. All programmes quoted based on derived plan.

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from $4250*

This is a great starting point review of your marketing, especially if you have a retail store that needs to increase sales. This programme will review each of your marketing strategies and comms and adjust them to get them working more effectively, from reduction of costs through to increasing engagement and sales.

This check will review key points in your business that indicate the effectiveness of your marketing, contributing to your overall business health. Try out the mini Healthcheck version of this programme here to see how your business checks out.Then we’ll get to work on fixing the parts that will bring the quickest response to the health of your sales and your business. You’ll then get a 90 day and 12mth action plan to drive better results.

Programme Includes:
A 25-point review of brand communications, enquiries & conversions

  • Brand review
  • Messaging consistency
  • Customer service
  • Product positioning
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Physical presentation
  • Pricing assessment
  • Customer engagement
  • Online activity
  • ROI & Sales performance

PLUS – optional: retail floor review and point of sale material audit ($1500)

Typical cost $4250+GST. ($6750 with optional Plan add-ons).

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from $6500

Are your communications failing to engage the right audiences?  Much of activating customers is about how you speak to them across all your channels, and it’s important to get this right, speak with the right voice and say things that will motivate people to become your screaming fans!

MaxCommunications will look at who you are talking to and help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging to get results.  This programme will cover:

  • Who your customers are and what they want to hear from you
  • How to create engaging propositions that are valued by your customers
  • Identify the right places to promote your business
  • Develop your story and your top-line messages
  • Identify the path your customers take to purchase & what they need to move along the engagement funnel.

PLUS – optional: MaxAcquisition, development of a tactical plan to drive growth as identified in MaxCommunications ($1500)

Typical cost $6500+GST. ($7500 with optional Plan add-ons).

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from $3750

If you want to get to grips with what your business does and looks like online, we can help!

From identifying the role your website needs to play in your strategies,  through to learning about how to make customers engage with you digitally, this programme ensures that whatever you are doing online, it is in-line with your business needs and getting the right results.

Following a mini workshop to identify your business needs online, this programme will then evaluate your channels and messaging to ensure you are on-track.

Plan includes:

  • Digital audit of your current online activity
  • Setting targets for engagement and response
  • Checking brand alignment with online assets
  • Website review and optional wire-frame planning
  • Social media strategies and tactics
  • Editorial content review and recommendations
  • Email marketing recommendations for message and automation
  • Get in touch to book your workshop today.
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from $2950*

Franchisors empower and trust their Franchisees with local area marketing, by giving them tools and a national brand to leverage. Unfortunately though for many franchises this can be a tricky task to implement both from lack of understanding about the intricacies of marketing planning and from a lack of time and resources to do this well.

Fortunately help is at hand!After working initially with the master franchise on setting rules and understanding brand vision and structure, we integrate with a local Max Team on the ground in the Franchisee local area to deliver a customised plan that engages local prospects and maximises use of budget in the right areas to deliver results.Our plan for Franchises includes:

  • Local Engagement Planning
  • Acquisition campaigns
  • Retention campaigns
  • Re-activation of lapsed customers
  • Using databases effectively and building new databases
  • Developing loyalty and referrals
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Additional Modules

The Module programmes can be added on to the MaxBasics package to extend your businesses view of critical aspects of the business. Modules cannot be undertaken without another base programme for strategic bias, but can be added on to any other workshop.

Loyalty Essentials


We map and create the customer journey for either existing or planned-for customers. This module is bespoke to your business and run as a workshop session with your team.

Acquisition Essentials


Whilst acquisition is always the first thought of business owners and leaders.  Acquisition planning can take a different form from tactical promotion development. In this module, business leaders will understand how to select products for specific audiences at the right time and learn how relevancy in offer development can increase results and reduce promotion costs.

You will also understand the critical aspects of mapping the response journey for the customer and ensure that you can make engagement easy and enticing.



Branding essentials is a great module to take on to any programme. Whilst business leaders instinctively understand branding is important, it can be a misnomer in that they sometimes refer to the logo when talking about brand.

Brands we love are crafted through careful thought of how a business wants the world to see it – which is everything from how it treats customers to how it operates in its environment. Are you a sustainable business that cares about its global footprint? Do you represent something more than just your product and services? Your brand should be your mirror – reflecting who your business is at its heart.

In this module you can find out how to make that mirror reflect everything you want to tell the world about your business.

Innovation Essentials


Innovation workshop can unplug some new thinking and ideas for the future of your business. Whilst leaders tend to think of innovation as being developing new products or services that will generate revenue streams, this workshop simply helps identify the white space and uncluttered territory for your business in the market.

You will find some simple ideas and tactics you can implement straight away that could be welcome news to existing or lapsed customers – or you may uncover a new strategic direction or untapped target audience that is ripe for the picking.