In 2008 Chrisco Hampers was the leading choice for Christmas savings club, but new entrants were coming on the market that were eroding market share and diluting the proposition.

Chrisco was losing the most critical part of the mix – the reseller network was defecting to an emerging competitor, citing range and rewards.

As part of the overhaul of the reseller programme, we developed a new range of products and rewards system that enabled Chrisco to retain market share and increase profitability.

The new products exceeded expectation for demand by 200% in the first year and the products continue to be an important part of the service Chrisco offers to customers to this day.

Part of the journey included revitalising the offer from product through to promotion with no stone left unturned, the resellers returned in droves!

This TV commercial was written after focus groups with Chrisco customers unearthed what made them so loyal to the hamper company. The testimonials, which were all shot in the customers own homes and were unscripted, made for very compelling viewing for prospects.