Marketing is your business engine

Whether you are a small business or large business, marketing can be the difference between success and struggling for success, and ultimately can be the key to growth and sustainability.  But, how can you make your small business grow with effective marketing?

Create your own marketing plan

Here are some steps on how to build your own marketing plan for your business:

  1. Identify your company’s key point of difference, or where it adds value
  2. Work out who would most likely want to buy your product and why
  3. Consider where your target audience spends most of their time and their media habits
  4. Trim your message about your business down to 2/3 key points
  5. Work out how many new customers you need and their value to you
  6. Create a budget of how much you are prepared to spend to find one new customer
  7. Multiply this budget out over the year and then allocate to groups of customers
  8. Generate some ideas within the business that might make your prospects interested in your company
  9. Schedule activities ahead of the most important sales periods in your year
  10. Make sure you have follow ups in place for new customers to bring them on board!

A marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated, although companies often enlist help from experts to come up with creative ideas to get customers interested in them.   You may want to start by putting a marketing plan together to help you to better understand where you need to spend your time and money throughout the year.  Always make sure you track your results, so that you can improve upon them in years to come!

If you want to get serious about your results, then it’s time to talk to the professionals.

Get help building your marketing plan

We can coach you through building a plan, and show you how to implement it yourselves or hook you up with other specialists that can do some of the more complicated work like optimising your website.  We like to work out of your offices wherever possible, to be an extension of your team so that we see and feel the pain points and issues first hand. This results in a quicker prognosis and more accurate targeting of the right plan for your activity.

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What marketing do you need?

We don’t expect you to know what it will take to make your business, but we have made thinking about it easier with our range of plans. If you’ve not worked with a marketing strategist before, start with the MaxBasics programme that will ensure your foundations are strong. Or, our Jump-Start and Accelerator Programmes can generate new strategies and tactics to get things moving in the right direction again.

See our plans and work out what is right for you

Don’t forget, our programmes also qualify for NZTE co-funded support.  Ask us about how you could get support from NZTE towards the cost of your marketing coaching for up to $5k.