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Govt Funding to help you through COVID-19

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We have been working with a number of businesses to help them navigate through the current COVID-19 crisis. For some it is around how to protect their client base, and for others it is a pivot towards a new way of trading with customers to ensure the business remains strong and viable. We are helping businesses to identify markets to trade in with their offer, and to build communications in this climate that are sensitive and yet compelling.

We were excited to learn that the Government’s Regional Business Partner scheme is supporting businesses by providing voucher funding to use against programmes such as these that are helping businesses survive the crisis. We have now had three of our programmes be approved for voucher funding support and can help guide you through the process to claim these if you need help now.

Feedback to these plans is gathered by the Regional Business Partner programme and shared with us. See what our customers have independently said about the value these programmes have provided to them:

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See our three COVID-19 plans below.

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MaxCOVID Engage


In this programme we can support you on finding the right communications strategy and tactics that will enable your company to continue to build and grow an engaged customer base during the crisis that you can utilise once restrictions have been lifted.

We will work with you in 2hr planning session blocks, and then help you to build a tactical comms plan to see you through the crisis and emerging quickly once the business restrictions are eased. During this process we will help you to understand:

  • How to build your contacts during a crisis for future communications
  • How to keep your brand top of mind without turning customers off
  • Channels of communication – what’s best to use at each point in the crisis
  • The role of social media comms for your business as an internal and external tool
  • How to prepare your engagement and offers for timely and optimal presentation

The cost of sessions is $150/hr excluding GST, but could be funded by a RBPN grant.

This series is aimed at business owners and leaders who are unsure of how to communicate with their customers during the COVID-19 crisis and need help and guidance to protect and grow their customer lists across many channels.

Time investment: initial (up to) 2hr video session with marketing specialist to frame the business and current situation, followed by investigation and recommendations by marketer to be discussed and evaluated in second 2hr session. Then ongoing video sessions as required.

Outcomes: At the end of this programme business owners will have a clear plan of how to keep current customers engaged during the crisis and to emerge quickly with tactical initiatives that will restore the original trading relationship.

*This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 (participating regions only)

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MaxCOVID Reputation Management


Communicating with customers and staff during a crisis can drastically impact upon your company’s brand reputation. These sessions will help you to steer your company through the crisis without damaging your goodwill.

This series is suitable for business leaders or owners who are unsure about how to communicate with customers about the changes that are taking place in their business as a direct result of COVID-19.

  • Steering your communications messaging through the crisis
  • Protecting your internal brand for the long term
  • Building brand trust with customers and prospects
  • Choosing your communications levers and tools
  • What to say and when to say it
  • Building a plan for mid to long term

Costs are charged on an hourly rate of $150/hr excluding GST, but may be funded by a RBPN grant.

*This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 (participating regions only)

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MaxCOVID Market Planning


We have created a market planning programme to help other businesses to identify how they can pivot their business and utilise positive relationships with their customers & supply chains to remain relevant and sustainable beyond the crisis.

For many businesses, the COVID-19 crisis may have had significant impact on how customers trade with them currently and post crisis. For many of our clients this has meant reviewing aspects of the value proposition (offer) they have to their customers and looking at new ways to deliver their service or product to customers through and beyond the crisis. This programme includes:

  • Evaluate what needs to change about your business
  • Generate your market innovation ideas
  • Utilise available insight to drive decisioning for future planning
  • Segment your customers & create your offers
  • Structure your brand & comms channels & assets
  • Build a Go-To-Market plan to rebuild your business*This programme can be fully funded through the RBPN up to $2000 for qualifying businesses (participating regions only)

Programme delivered via Zoom sessions with business leaders

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Projects our team has completed



In 2008 Chrisco Hampers was the leading choice for Christmas savings club, but new entrants were coming on the market that were eroding market share and diluting the proposition.

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GE Money

GE is one of the worlds most valuable brands and is responsible for much of the world’s technology breakthroughs in energy, infrastructure, aviation and of course healthcare.

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Signature Homes

SRL not only needed to find new customers amidst the shrinking demand for new housing in 2012, but to also understand the customer experience from initial contact through to completed build project.

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Hairplus is a small owner- operated business who were struggling to cut through the competition. A Max Basics plan put Yem Braid, owner on track to build her business and start engaging a whole new group of customers.

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  • Ashcroft
    Marketing is key to growing a business. Previous to Max being involved it was largely looked after in house with sporadic advertising and no clear direction. Having now had that support it is clear how important it is to have the right advice and experts involved.
    Paul Koppens Ashcroft
  • Bright Five
    "We didn’t anticipate that Max Marketing would revolutionise the focus of our business by introducing us to consumer-centric research empowering our decisions "

    Cassie Greenfield Bright Five
  • Hamlet
    "Having the marketing support has made the whole picture so clear for us.  We now have steps to take, and a collective force of great minds looking, analyzing our business and incorporating  technology  (that we didn’t know how to use) and making that technology give us 100% accurate answers."

    Laura Hamlet Hamlet Photography
  • Testimonial 1
    “Thank you so much Louise for all the work you and Max Marketing have done for Hairplus. You have gone totally beyondmy expectation and best of all I feel ready and more comfortable in taking the buinsess forward in a more organised fashion. Thank you!”
    Yem Braid Hairplus